We Do Drugs – Uncle Howie Till We Die

Non Phixion was in no way silent on the radio tip – the group did tons of promotional sessions and freestyles, especially in the early years. It’s hard to not see the merit in all of this work, but if I had to choose a favorite NP radio moment it would have to be this very short promo song the group did for 89.9 WKCR in 1997.

I have no idea who made the beat, but it’s ominous use of the intro to Pink Floyd’s classic “The Great Gig in the Sky” from The Dark Side of the Moon is fitting to say the least. This version has a different intro than the one used on The Green CD, because it comes from 2000’s promo cassette tape comprised of earlier singles and demos entitled The past, The Present, and The Future is Now (not to be confused with The Future is Now, the group’s 2002 debut album). The entire tape makes use of random audio clips from Woodstock. On this particular song, the sample is Country Joe’s famous “fuck chant” before his anti-war anthem at the 1969 concert.

For those of you who don’t know, the Uncle Howie referenced in the refrain was the real life uncle of Necro and Ill Bill. He was a sort of celebrity in this tight-knit scene – known for his hilarious comments and also for his drug problems, Howie came to become a sort of public face and spokesperson for Non Phixion. The group’s debut album and every Ill Bill solo album since make heavy use of his candid monologues and musings about life, drugs, and women. Ill Bill would also later name his record label after him. Uncle Howie passed away last spring (R.I.P.)

Now, the 89.9 Promo:





Until next time, physicists, keep it movin like a drive-by


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