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The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now

Greetings Physicists,

Today we’re going to briefly talk about Non Phixion’s compilation tape The Past, The Present, And The Future Is Now.

The tape came out in January of 2000 on Matador, just a few months before their iconic “Black Helicopters” single, which we’ll get to tomorrow. The tape was a sort of greatest hits collection to promote the group. It was only available on cassette and never made it to CD. Unfortunately, the vast majority of songs on it were released previously on singles, so we’ve already discussed them, however I’ll put up a few of the tracks we never got to. The song “2004” features the Montreal group Obscure Disorder, whose membership included rapper Troy Dunnit. Troy would later work with Bill on the song “Let’s Go” which was released as a single as well as on Bill’s mixtape Ill Bill Is The Future. Troy also hopped on a very cool beat by Necro in 2003 with impressive results.

So here’s the tracks from the cassette I picked:

Non Phixion – End of the World



Non Phixion – This is Not an Exercise



Non Phixion feat. Obscure Disorder –   2004



Ill Bill – Gangsta Rap (this is a Bill solo song that they put on the tape. The real version has a long intro clip of Robert Deniro in A Bronx Tale, but for whatever reason the dude who uploaded this wasn’t feelin it… oh well)



Stop back tomorrow, we’ll have the Black Helicopters stuff up and hopefully I’ll be finished with my article/interview with Mr. Lopez by the weekend. Don’t touch that dial.


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